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About Frankenstein Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

About Frankenstein - Essay Example While this approach is understandable, this essay seeks to examine a slightly different and more secular issue based on parallels in contemporary world. Many commentators who talk about the book always stress of the â€Å"dangers of modern technology† (Beauchamp 53). Today, technology has become to humanity much like the monster was to Frankenstein, people invent all sorts of technologies without sufficient understanding of their impacts only to end up creating monsters they cannot control since even the process of invention was experimental. When Frankenstein set out to make the monster, he does not per se wish to create one, it is his intention to make something that would prove he understood the secret of life but to what end it is never made clear probably because there was none. He only wants to feel proud because he could do what no other man had done â€Å"A new species would bless me as its creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me† (Shelly 51). He does not give a thought to what he would do with his invention or even how he could control it. To some extent, this sounds a bit like the nuclear race during the cold war, the US and USSR were working to develop and accumulate the most lethal nuclear warheads their budgets could allow but to what end? Neither could use them to attack the other since it would have resulted in the infamous Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) (Freedman 106). After the cold war, they may have kept a hold of their warheads but the technology they invested in them was not as well hidden and as a result, today numerous countries have created their own nuclear and atomic weapons. Like Frankenstein spent his last days chasing after the monster he had created, these nations are now engaged in a clean-up exercise that appear to be futile as they try to take away weapons from â€Å"unstable† powers such as Iran. From a critical point of view, the

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Team Work Essay Example for Free

Team Work Essay Teamwork is the concept of people working together as a team to achieve the underlying objectives of the organization. The team  must have a clear vision of each of these short-term milestone goals as well as their impact on the long-term business goals of the organization. In many organizations today people working by themselves in achieving the overall objectives of the organization cannot accomplish certain goals and usually require people to work together with others due to its complexity, interrelatedness and the voluminous of the tasks undertaken. In fostering    there is no one individual who owns a work area or process all by themselves, people should be open and receptive to ideas and input from others in the TEAM. The values of teamwork should be shared among the members of the team while compensation and rewards should depend on collaborative practices as much as individual contribution and achievement. It is important to identify â€Å"† and thereby set a benchmark to the rest of the teams. However before embarking on   conflicts of all kinds should be resolved within the organization. Apart from the required technical expertise, a variety of social skills are essential for success in a culture. The Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing model (Bruce Tuckman, 1965) takes the team through four stages of TEAM development. These phases are essential and inevitable in order for the team to grow, to face up to challenges, to tackle problems, to find solutions, plan the work effectively and deliver the end results. However there is a need to establish and develop collaboration and trust between team members vis a vis interactive exercises, team assessments which will enable teams to cultivate effective team building strengths amongst each other. Modern society and culture continues to become more dynamic and the factors contributing towards this include the communications revolution, the global market, specialization and division of labor. Thereby individuals are now required to work with many different groups of people in their working environment and also the personal lives. Successful   that creates effective, focused work teams requires attention to the following areas mentioned in Figure A. Figure A Empowerment is the process of giving an opportunity or authorizing an individual to take decisions, think creatively and have a control of his/her duties in an organization. It is the responsibility on the organization to create a work environment, which helps the desire of employees to act in empowered ways. Top management of organizations has a very important role to play in making employee empowerment successful. Initially the managers need to understand what empowerment really means; and thereby establish boundaries for empowerment, in the event of the managers absence, the decisions that could be made by staff members should be clearly defined; Managers should also build faith and trust on their decisions made by their employees; further managers should coach, train and provide necessary information and learning opportunities for staff to make effective decisions. They should tackle situations wisely and not blame or punish their staff for minute mistakes to avoid employees flee from empowerment, The organizations should ensure that they remove barriers that limit the ability of staff to act in empowered ways. Employees should be motivated in terms of compensation, recognition and responsibility in order to drive success of empowerment. The Flow Chart below depicts the increasing role for employees and decreasing role for supervisors in the decision making process in today’s context. The supervisor makes the decision and cascades it to the staff The supervisor makes the decision and obtains commitment from staff The supervisor invites idea’s into a decision while retaining authority to make the final decision The supervisor invites employees to join him/her in order to make the final decision The supervisor delegates to another person to make the necessary decisions. This is only where empowerment steps in. Ceylon Tobacco Company (CTC) Limited continued it’s Sri Lankan operations and was incorporated in 1932. Between years of 1990 – 1994, a self assessment was conducted and CTC identified the following lacunas such as lack of overall direction, lack of awareness on business issues, discontinued management team, departments functioning in isolation and in disciplined environment. After which the management identified Key initiatives and actions such as knowledge management, people involvement, culture change, gaining confidence of unions/employees and improvements in productivity via practicing concepts of Teamwork, industrial harmony etc. During the period 1995 – 1996 CTC focused on building Trust within the company employees by adapting Teamwork throughout the organization, extensive training for shop floor employees, common time entry system, common recreation facilities, common social events etc. During 1997, shared vision and mission with focus business strategy, re-engineered business processes, multidisciplinary cross functional project teams, extensive training and education, creation of a winning culture, industrial and non industrial benchmarking and focus on continuous improvement.

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Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame Essay -- Art

Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame To some, including myself, baseball is the greatest sport that has ever been played. It is a game played by two opposing teams made of multiple players, but only nine players per team play at the same time. To be part of one of the thirty teams that get to play professional baseball, a player has to play the game extremely well ( When a player plays the game better than most have played he gets rewarded, usually with lots of money in a big contract. Then there are those rare players, the 244 elite players of the game that have already been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Being inducted in the Hall of Fame is the utmost of baseball fame. The players listed are remembered forever. This brings me to my argument. Pete Rose should be allowed induction into the Hall of Fame. Now, most of the baseball critics and brass do not want Pete Rose inducted. They claim that his illegal betting on baseball games should keep him out of the Hall of Fame. Almost all of the "highly questionable" evidence that Commissioner Bart Giamatti held was derived from former friends and associates of Rose. "Up to $30,000 per day", so some of Roses' "close" friends say. These former friends of Rose are Tommy Gioiosa, Donald Stenger, Mike Fry, and Paul Janszen. This evidence is what prompted the banishment from baseball of Pete Rose, which he signed. The evidence was enough for the Commissioner. In 1989, baseball's Commissioner Bart Giammati ...

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Barclays Scandal: Libor

From Amanda Chua, Financial Manager To Sir David Walker, Chairman of Barclays Plc. Date 24th February 2013 Subject Implication of The Recent Libor-Fixing Scandal for Barclays Bank 1. Executive Summary * The London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) is the average interest rate charged to banks for lending funds in the interbank market (Investopedia n. d. ). * The UK Treasury reported that Libor is responsible for an estimated $300 trillion worth of financial transaction (BBC 2012). Barclays’ traders submitted inappropriate rates upon derivative traders request (FSA 2012). * Barclays’ submitted inappropriate rates to prevent negative media attention (FSA 2012). * Barclays was fined ? 290 million for Libor scandal (Wilson 2012). * Former Chairman, CEO and COO resigned in July 2012 (BBC (B) 2013). * Barclays’ share prices fluctuated due to Libor Scandal (Fletcher 2012). * Pursuing profit maximization, Barclays inevitably exploited its stakeholders (MBA Knowledge Base n. d. ). Financial managers think solely for the purpose of profit maximization for the shareholders as it lose focus, carrying out unethical behaviors to gain short-term gratification. * Barclays is suggested to create shareholder value by combining a well-thought-of goal with focused financial planning that will deliver returns to shareholders but in an ethical manner that is acceptable by the society (Barclays Boss Lays Out Revival Plans, 2013). * Installation of more advanced surveillance devices further enforces plan as employees are monitored closely in efforts to control the wellbeing of the workers (Roland 2013). Barclays is suggested to form a neutral ring-fenced rate-setting unit to monitor the rates submission (Daniels 2013). 2. Libor: Explained The London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) is the average interest rate charged to banks for lending funds in the interbank market (Investopedia n. d. ). Major banks in London who are under BBA submit the rate they presume they will have to pay for borrowing funds from another bank to Thomson Reuters, who will then discard the four lowest and highest rates and use the emainders to calculate the average, resulting with the Libor rate (Kiff 2012). The importance of Libor It is used as the benchmark for interest rates around the world (Surowiecki 2012). The UK Treasury reported that Libor is responsible for an estimated $300 trillion worth of financial transaction (BBC 2012) such as mortgages, corporate loans and derivatives (Surowiecki 2012). Also, Libor acts as a barometer for the welfare of the volatile global financial market (BBA n. d. ). 3. Barclays’ mistakesEmployees at Barclays submitted lower than actual predicted rates to Thomson Reuters (Murray-West 2012). Why it was done Derivative transactions made use of the Libor rate. Hence, the fluctuation of the rates would influence the profit gained for the traders (Surowiecki 2012). Both the traders and rate submitters cooperated through frequent intera ction (Surowiecki 2012) as traders requested for lower rates because they would benefit by paying less for the interest charged on the derivatives.Barclays submitted lower rates to conceal the trouble state it faced during the 2008 credit crunch (Murray-West 2012) when initially their submitted rates were higher than other banks (Bischoff & McGagh 2013). Lower rates prove that banks intending to lend funds to Barclays were assertive of their financial health, because the less assurance a bank had for another, the higher the rate charges will be (Bischoff & McGagh 2013), and Barclays expressed the contrary to conceal their financial instability.It was said that Bob Diamond, then chief executive officer of Barclays, was contacted by Paul Tucker, the deputy governor of the bank, concerning the recurrent greater rates amongst other banks, which worried Diamond who conveyed the news to Jerry del Missier, then chief operating officer, who misinterpreted the news as a command to rig the ra te (Bischoff & McGagh 2013). How it was done. It was effortless to manipulate the rates because they are derived from estimates rather than calculated values (Eavis & Popper 2012).Also, interbank borrowings were reduced during the financial crisis causing difficulty in evaluating whether submitted rates were realistic (Wheatley 2012). 4. Consequences for Barclays’ scandal Manipulating the Libor rate is intolerable and investigation involving the FBI is a reputational damage in itself (R. D. 2012), not only towards Barclays but in the banking sector as a whole where regulators are still speculating which other banks were involved (Bischoff & McGagh 2013). Barclays received a total of ? 290 million penalty from FSA, CFTC and DoJ (R. D. 012) for manipulating the Libor rate. Furthermore, former Barclays’ chairman, Marcus Agius resigned on July 2nd 2012, followed by Bob Diamond and Jerry Del Missier on July 3rd 2012 as a result for their involvement in the LIBOR scandal (BB C (B) 2013). Similarly, 3700 employees were discharged to reorganize the Barclays banking regime (McGee 2013). As Libor accounts for $300 trillion worth of financial transaction, this affects many because lenders lose out as the borrowers benefit from the low interest rate charges and people are very disappointed at the extend to where Barclays has went to.Due to the scandal, Barclays’ share prices fluctuated because the market expected charges for lawsuits against Barclays and it reflected the reputational damage Barclays has encountered for its involvement in the scandal (Armour, n. d. ), though this has caused an overhaul in Barclays that resulted in the increase of share prices months after. Moreover, investment firms and municipal government who fell victim to the Libor scandal due to the buying of bonds or signing of contracts demanded reimbursement from Barclays and will inevitably elicit legal actions (Bloomberg News 2012). 5. Role of Financial ManagementProfit maximi zation is the goal of financial management (Hillier et al, 2011) indicating that its objective is gaining greatest profits by using all possible resources irrespective of the consequences or underlying risk (O’Farrell n. d. ). This is seen as Barclays’ traders tried to maximize profits for their own benefit as well as their stakeholders. Shortcomings of Profit Maximization During the financial crisis, banks were financially unstable, they refused to borrow one another funds because of the low confidence they had for one another, seen through the Libor ratings that were previously submitted before the Libor rigging scandal.Barclays chose to conceal its proper Libor rates that would have indicated its troubled state to the public. This was second by the fact that a firm who pursues the goal of profit maximization will inevitably exploit its workers and consumers, which exemplify an unethical way of carrying out a business resulting from its corrupted practices (MBA Knowl edge Base n. d. ). In Barclays’ case, this was shown by its objective to save the bank’s reputation by finding means to profit maximize to avoid possible outcomes of failure.Jerry’s assumption of Bob’s instruction to fix the Libor rate when it was unfavorable (Bischoff & McGagh 2013) is another illustration of profit maximization gone wrong when financial managers think solely for the purpose of profit maximization for the shareholders as it diverge its actions by carrying out unethical behaviors to gain short-term gratification. Barclays has neglected possible risks because they were too focus on profit maximization as they rigged the Libor for the past years. Risk ignorance is another flaw of profit maximization (eFinance Management n. . ) because firms tend to be shortsighted towards maximizing profit they deserted their morale. This is shown by the reputational damage as a consequence of the scandal. Lastly, the disregard of quality is a shortcoming ( eFinance Management n. d. ) shown through Barclays’ scandal because Barclays obsessed over profit maximization, it neglected the goodwill of the bank. Barclays being a world-renowned bank that was earned through the years overlooked its goodwill as an asset as it rigged the Libor rate to earn short-term profits. . Summary It can be concluded that Barclays’ manipulation of the Libor rate was unacceptable. However, they have taken full responsibility over the consequences. It is suggested that Barclays make an overhaul in its management by changing its mentality from a bank that gravitated its goal on profit maximization to prioritizing an ethical environment before its success (Mcgee 2013) through removing workers incapable of committing to the revised goal (BBC (A) 2013), as this will be a long-term change. (Waldie 013) Antony Jenkins, the new Barclays CEO mentioned in Barclays Boss Lays Out Revival Plans (2013) that Barclays was previously too shortsighted as well as being too aggressive and self-serving. Nonetheless, the current damage helps Barclays to learn from experience. Presently, it is advice to create shareholder value by combining a well-thought-of goal with focused financial planning that will deliver returns to shareholders but in an ethical manner that is acceptable by the society (Barclays Boss Lays Out Revival Plans 2013).Installation of more advanced surveillance devices further enforces this plan as employees are monitored closely in efforts to control the wellbeing of the workers (Roland 2013). Lastly, it is suggested to form a neutral ring-fenced rate-setting unit to monitor the rates submission (Daniels 2013) in Barclays and this combines with trainings that shall be implemented to nurture an ethical and systematical way of setting the Libor rate. This plan aids by applying a team submission rate rather than an individual’s whereby rates submitted will be relatively reliable. BibliographyACTUELNEWSCHANNEL. 2013. Barcla ys Boss Lays Out Revival Plans [online]. [Accessed 22 February 2013]. Available from: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=4dznoD8yd14 ARMOUR, J. [2012]. The Price of Reputation: Lessons from the Barclays LIBOR Scandal [online]. [Accessed 9 March 2013]. Available from: http://www. clmr. unsw. edu. au/article/ethics/libor-manipulation/price-reputation-lessons-barclays-libor-scandal BBALIBOR. [no date]. bbalibor explained [online]. [Accessed 28 January 2013]. Available from: http://www. bbalibor. com/bbalibor-explained/the-basics BBC. [2012].Libor – what is it and why does it matter [online]. [Accessed 28 January 2013]. Available from: http://www. bbc. co. uk/news/business-19199683 BBC (A). [2013]. Barclays boss tells staff â€Å"sign up to ethnics or leave† [online]. [Accessed 18 February 2013]. Available from: http://www. bbc. co. uk/news/business-21064590 BBC (B). [2013]. Timeline: Libor-fixing scandal [online]. [Accessed 8 February 2013]. Available from: http://www. bbc . co. uk/news/business-18671255 BISCHOFF, V and MCGAGH, M. [2013]. Q&A: what is Libor and what did the banks do to it [online]. [Accessed 8 February 2013].Available from: http://citywire. co. uk/money/qanda-what-is-libor-and-what-did-the-banks-do-to-it/a600479/3 BLOOMBERG NEWS. [2012]. Consequences to banks of Libor scandal staggering [online]. [Accessed 8 February 2013]. Available from: http://www. winnipegfreepress. com/fpnewsvoices/Consequences-to-banks-of-Libor-scandal-staggering-162730376. html DANIELS, V. [2013]. RBS Outlines The Actions Management Has Taken Following Discovery Of LIBOR Scandal [online]. [Accessed 8 March 2013]. Available from: http://hereisthecity. com/2013/02/06/rbs-outlines-the-actions-management-has-taken-following-libor-sc/EAVIS, P and POPPER, N. [2012]. Libor Scandal Shows Many Flaws in Rate-Setting [online]. [Accessed 22 February 2013]. Available from: http://dealbook. nytimes. com/2012/07/19/libor-scandal-shows-many-flaws-in-rate-setting/ EFINANCE MANA GEMENT. [no date]. Profit Maximization [online]. [Accessed 6 March 2013]. Available from: http://www. efinancemanagement. com/finance-financial-management/87-profit FINANCIAL SERVICE AUTHORITY. 2012. Final Notice. England: FSA. [Accessed 22 February 2013]. Available from: http://www. fsa. gov. uk/static/pubs/final/barclays-jun12. pdf FLETCHER, N. 2012]. Barclays drops more than 10% after Libor scandal, with other UK banks also hit [online]. [Accessed 8 February 2013]. Available from: http://www. guardian. co. uk/business/marketforceslive/2012/jun/28/barclays-uk-banks-libor-scandal HILLIER ET AL. 2011. Fundamentals of Corporate Finance. Europe: McGraw. INVESTOPEDIA. [no date]. London Interbank Offered Rate – Libor [online]. [Accessed 28 January 2013]. Available from: http://www. investopedia. com/terms/l/libor. asp#axzz2LAAqHDOs KIFF. [2012]. What is LIBOR [online]. [Accessed 28 January 2013]. Available from: http://www. mf. org/external/pubs/ft/fandd/2012/12/basics. htm MBA K NOWLEDGE BASE. [no date]. Objectives of Financial Management [online]. [Accessed 22 February 2013]. Available from: http://www. mbaknol. com/financial-management/objectives-of-financial-management/ MCGEE, S. [2013]. Confessions of a Barclays Banker Who’s Seen The Light [online]. [Accessed 22 February 2013]. Available from: http://www. thefiscaltimes. com/Columns/2013/02/19/Confessions-of-a-Barclays-Banker-Whos-Seen-the-Light. aspx#page1 MURRAY-WEST, R. [2012]. What does the Libor scandal mean for us [online]. Accessed 8 February 2013]. Available from: http://www. telegraph. co. uk/finance/personalfinance/consumertips/banking/9364994/What-does-the-Libor-scandal-mean-for-us. html O’FARRELL, R. [no date]. Advantages & Disadvantages of Profit Maximization [online]. [Accessed 22 February 2013]. Available from: http://smallbusiness. chron. com/advantages-disadvantages-profit-maximization-11225. html R. D. [2012]. Eagle fried [online]. [Accessed 8 February 2013]. Available fr om: http://www. economist. com/blogs/schumpeter/2012/06/barclays%E2%80%99-libor-emb

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Analysis Of Toni Morrison s Song Of Solomon - 977 Words

The Asymmetrical Dead When Milkman, the central figure of Toni Morrison’s novel Song of Solomon, fantasizes about finding his fortune, he thinks only of spending money, gambling, and endless women to lie with and leave. Even with the prospects of freedom, power and fame, for what else can vast wealth truly purchase, he is unable to conceive of a future for himself. He imagines only an endlessly comfortable, banal present. It’s hard to fault him for this shortcoming. No one in Milkman’s world has any future at all. The half-lives they lead leave room only for the past, and a half-remembered one at that. Milkman’s immediate family is fractured. His mother Ruth never mentions her mother, if she knew her at all, only her father. Macon Dead, Milkman’s father, knew only his father as well. Both Ruth and Macon only act as half parents to Milkman. They are incapable of seeing each other as equals because they have no reference for their relationship. They each see Milkman as the ir son, but not as the son of the other. They stifle Milkman, giving him only their view of the world. Because they are unable to have friends outside of their home, they enlist him as a confidant, as an ally against the other, and as the bearer of the Dead legacy. Milkman is unable to become a whole person within the family because he is expected only to complete each parent and not himself. Milkman’s love life is another area that is lacking. Hagar, who loves Milkman unconditionally, who needs him inShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Toni Morrison s Song Of Solomon1374 Words   |  6 Pagesalso play a major role in a person’s character development. Influences also can affect temperament, personality, disposition, motivation, and initial perspectives and reactions. This sagaciousness was thoroughly expressed in the novel Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison. This novel delved extensively into the coming of age of main character Macon â€Å"Milkman† Dead. The nickname milkman was derived from an uncomfortable and rather odd situation. As being breastfed by his mother Ruth, way past the age ofRead MoreAnalysis Of Toni Morrison s Song Of Solomon1412 Words   |  6 PagesIn Toni Morrison’s award-winning novel â€Å"Song of Solomon,† she fills the novel with deep symbolism. Macon Dead III, nicknamed â€Å"Milkman,† is a symbolic character throughout the novel. Not only is he as a character symbolic, but his name is as well. Milkman’s aunt, Pilate, has a significant and symbolic role in the novel. To her father, she represents the child who killed her own mother and took away his wife. In the Bible, PontiusRead MoreAnalysis Of Toni Morrison s Song Of Solomon 1213 Words   |  5 PagesVictoria Sirianni Ms. Thompson AP ELA 4 21 July 2015 Song of Solomon Producing the plot with a vivid image and motive allowed Toni Morrison to incorporate numerous literary works to enhance the allusions in the story. These specific allusions gave readers a more accurate understanding of certain aspects of the book. As well as this, readers are capable of searching beyond just the surface of what the words say. The common useRead MoreAnalysis Of Toni Morrison s Song Of Solomon1271 Words   |  6 Pages Emely Gonzalez Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison AP Literature - Period 3 Topic #3 Gonzalez- Page 1 3. Excluding Milkman, discuss the various attitudes on race from the perspectives of three other male characters in the novel. Americans have become accustomed to the repercussions of racism. It has diffused into areas that seemed unreachable; it has become institutionalized. Our predecessors lived the severity, and while we are residing in the realm of institutionalized racism, ourRead MoreEssay on Themes in Song Of Solomon2113 Words   |  9 PagesToni Morrison is one of the most talented and successful African-American authors of our time. Famous for works such as The Bluest Eye, Sula, and Beloved, Morrison has cultivated large audiences of all ethnicities and social classes with her creative style of writing. It is not Morrison’s talent of creating new stories that attracts her fans. In contrast, it is her talent of revising and modernizing traditional Biblical and mythological stories that have been present in literature for centuries.Read MoreBiblical Names In Toni Morrisons Song Of Solomon1574 Words   |  7 Pagesnames in the world, and they are all biblical names. Names from the Bible are also found in many works of literature, like Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon, a coming of age story about a young man during the mid twentieth century. The reader is introduced to multiple characters with biblical names, which correspond to the characters’ personalities. In the book Song of Solomon, the characters take on the role of their biblical names. Reba, Milkman’s mother, can most closely be associated with RebeccaRead MoreAnalysis Of The Bluest Eye1555 Words   |  7 Pagesbe a victim of sexual assault but also, the punishment of the offender. Toni Morrison, The author of The Bluest Eye, a victim of segregation, deals with sexual assault and segregation in her book. Chole Anthony Wofford, who goes by the name of Toni Morrison when writing her books, was born in Lorain, Ohio on February 18, 1931. Her father had several jobs to support their family, while her mother worked as a domestic worker. Toni lived in an integrated neighborhood. However, she did not become awareRead MoreLiterary Analysis Of Recitatif1135 Words   |  5 PagesLiterary Analysis Paper: â€Å"Recitatif† by Toni Morrison Many authors write fictional novels about historical events. A common topic written about is the racial integration between African Americans and whites during the 1950’s. Although the short story â€Å"Recitatif† explicate many different themes, the central topic of Morrison’s writing is about racism. Throughout the story, the author expresses examples of hatred between black and white races at the shelter, the different encounters they have, andRead More A Comparison of Christian Symbols in Song of Solomon, Sula, and Beloved2397 Words   |  10 PagesAlthough religion does not exist as a central theme in Toni Morrison’s work, it does set premise for a richly intertwined web of symbolism. Morrison’s novels focus on the lives of characters acting in the present day or recent past. For African Americans, events of the past are a crucial facet of culture as they seek to remember their history, the most influential of these events reaching far back in to the years of slavery. Historians argue that for incoming slaves, Christianity offered a religiousRead MoreBlack Naturalism and Toni Morrison: the Journey Away from Self-Love in the Bluest Eye8144 Words   |  33 Pagespostmodernism with its emphasis on race, class and gender, but the theory of naturalism as well: the idea that one s social and physical environments can drastically affect one s nature and potential for surviving and succeeding in this world. In this article, I will explore Toni Morrison s The Bluest Eye from a naturalistic perspective; however, while doing so I will propose that because Morrison s novels are distinctly black and examine distinctly black issues, we must expand or deconstruct the traditional

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The Brain Identity Theory, Logical Behaviorism, And...

Have you ever stop to think if your thoughts, beliefs, and desires can be described as something physical? The mind-body problem focuses on identifying the relation between the physical and the mental. Physical objects include our body, brain, and much more such as our neurons and the chemicals in our body. When we mention a physical object we can describe it by having properties of texture, shape, color, and size. The mental objects are said to be our beliefs, desires, and emotions. But can these mental objects be classified to have the same physical properties as your brain? It seems obscured to classify the desire of wanting chocolate as having a shape, or a certain texture. There are many solutions offered to aid in finding a solution to the mind-body problem. These solutions include the Mind-Brain Identity Theory, Logical Behaviorism, and Dualism. All of these work to make an explanation as to whether the mind and body are either one of the same thing or two different objects that have different properties. Out of all the solution mentioned, I will concentrate on Dualism. In this paper, I shall present and explain the argument for dualism and how it works to effectively provide a solution for the mind-body problem in spite of any objections offered. I will first proceed to describe the idea of dualism and provide two arguments that aim to support this solution towards the mind-body problem (II). I shall then present the two objections offered by Elliott SoberShow MoreRelatedZombies And Other Minds : Shaun Of The Dead1035 Words   |  5 Pagesof substance dualism, behaviorism, and identity theory. The theory of substance dualism holds that the mind and the body are separate substances (Lecture notes). This is because the body, as a material substance, is extended, whereas the mind lacks extension. Mind is explained by a body having mental substance causally connected to it. In substance dualism, the brain is like a kind of radio, transmitting material signals to the mind and receiving mental signals. Hence substance dualism does emphasizeRead More Fodors Functionalism Essay1314 Words   |  6 Pagesof the current theories of dualism and materialism. According to dualism, the mind and body are two separate entities with the body being physical and the mind being nonphysical. If this is the case, though, then there can be no interaction between the two. The mind could not influence anything physical without violating the laws of physics. The materialist theory, on the other hand, states that the mind is not distinct from the physical. In fact, supporters of the materialist the ory believe that behaviorRead MoreI, Myself, And My Body1222 Words   |  5 Pagesprocesses and thought, while the body is the physical aspects of the brain. For years, philosophers have been perplexed by the mind-body problem. The mind is about mental processes and thought, while the body is the physical aspects of the brain. The mind-body problem discusses the mind and body, along with the relationship between them. Dualists and monists are the two types of people that take a stand on the issue. While Dualism may spilt mind and body, monism is the belief that the mind and bodyRead MoreThe Philosophy Of Mind And The Body1646 Words   |  7 Pagesother, through the human brain and body. Philosophy of mind became one of the central areas of philosophy as the skills and abilities of metalizing are used to treat individuals as the bearers of unobservable psychological states and processes, and in order to anticipate and explain the individual’s behavior in terms of states. Dualism, a philosophy most defended by Rene Descartes, Believed that there are two concepts to philosophy, regarding the mind and the body. Dualism, is possibly the oldestRead MoreI. Introduction. The Mind Body Problem Is A Problem That1590 Words   |  7 Pagesphysiological brain states. The belief that the sea is blue could be found in a region of the brain but not at a specific site in the brain. Also, the desire to want a chocolate cannot be found in a specific site, let’s say he also wanted white chocolate. Would it be in the same spot or a different location. It is not known. But over the years, there have been some solutions to this mind body problem like Dualism , Logical Behaviorism , and the Identity Theory . I will be focusing on Dualism in this paperRead More Is artificial intelligence possible? Essay1859 Words   |  8 Pagesessay. The first essay was called; Can Computers Think? by John Searle which rejects the theory of A.I. The second essay was called; Escaping from the Chinese Room by Margret Boden, which supports A.I. A functionalist view of the mind is one that draws an analogy between the functioning of the human brain and the functioning of the digital computer. The strongest view says that the mind and the brain are just digital computers. This is called strong A.I., which is a term coined by JohnRead MoreResearch Paper on William James and Functionalism1230 Words   |  5 PagesJames also worked on many theories included functionalism which is the second paradigm in Psychology. According to William James, functionalism assumed that the human mind served an adaptive role. It explored the function of thoughts and behaviors. II. What is functionalism in Psychology? Functionalism is a theory of the mind in contemporary psychology, developed largely as an alternative to both the identity theory of mind and behaviorism. This theory is built on the premise Read MoreFunctionalism And Functionalism Of Functionalism1837 Words   |  8 PagesA Functionalism is the theory that what makes something a mental state depends on its function or role in the cognitive system, instead of its internal constitution. To put it another way, functionalism holds that mental states correspond to functional states. Functionalism is the offspring of both identity theory and behaviorism, and comes in a few different flavors. For example, there is machine functionalism, psycho-functionalism, analytic functionalism, role-functionalism and realizer-functionalismRead MoreEssay on The Fraud of Modern Psychiatry4447 Words   |  18 Pageselectronic device measures various electronic pulses or signals when you are asked to imagine something does not at all mean that they are measuring imagination. What they are measuring is some brain reaction that occurs when yo u initiate an act of imagination. There is a relationship between the mind and the brain, but this relationship is almost completely unknown and not understood. The same is true for any chemical reactions or events that occur concurrent with imagination, thoughts or feelings. There